Trust and Commitment

At Marion, we love what we do. Our passion shows in our commitments—to process, partnerships, and client relationships. We are a team partner with relationships built on trust, respect, and experience. Our team approach has secured numerous national accounts and enabled us to retain clients.

Project success is the result of:

  • Fostering collaboration among diverse players
  • Capturing and channeling excitement, from the first stages to the final ones
  • Building trust and goodwill based on mutual respect for others’ skills and expertise

Dynamic Management

We manage projects and reduce risk by:

  • Understanding each project’s unique goals, client objectives, and team members
  • Selecting the most experienced team for the project type
  • Detailing the planning and due-diligence steps at the onset and throughout the project
  • Developing and maintaining open communication and protocols
  • Demonstrating ownership and accountability at all levels
  • Effectively administrating for the project-management process
  • Identifying potential hurdles and offering proactive solutions
  • Organizing job sites for safety, efficiency, and cleanliness

Principal Involvement

Regardless of the scope and size of the project, our team provides senior-level management and principal involvement for each project. There is always a direct link from the job site to the principals.


Effective project management requires a creative edge. We meet project challenges with innovative solutions that involve expertise at all levels.

Always Learning, Always Growing

To meet the demands of the ever-changing construction industry, Marion promotes continuing education, cross-training, and knowledge-sharing from not only the best in any field but from Marion’s own best. What better way for our team to gain and enhance proficiency than to learn from their peers who are willing to share their know-how?

Marion’s Corporate Educational Program (CEP) is designed for just that purpose.
Marion’s project managers, superintendents, administrative staff, and business-development personnel share their skills and proficiencies with their co-workers, clients and vendors as part of a comprehensive course curriculum. We supplement our internal expertise with the best outside experts in scheduling, project management, safety, technology, and quality management to round out our CEP and enable our staff to maintain their cutting-edge knowledge of every aspect of our evolving industry.


Marion carefully evaluates each project to assemble the most skilled team of sub-contractors for the scope, delivering the project at the absolute best value to the client.

Cutting-Edge Online Administration

To ensure consistency and success, we manage all project administration, processes, and protocols through Procore, an online project-management software platform. Procore allows for instantaneous project reporting and updates, thereby ensuring an active approach to project management resulting in the ability to deal with and adapt to virtually any project issue.

A Commitment to Safety

Safety is critical to every step of the process. We demand awareness of working conditions and expect safe performance on every job site. From sub-contractor selection and training to job-site inspections, safety is a top priority. Every team member has

  • A right to return home safely at the end of each day
  • A responsibility to stop work if they observe a condition that could cause injury to any person
  • A duty to report any hazardous condition
  • An obligation, through continuing education, to stay apprised of current OSHA, local-jurisdiction, and all other safety directives and precautions.

Subcontractor Relations

What better way to attract the best then to be the best? We are proud to work with the best trade sub-contractors in the region. The development and expansion of quality sub relationships is as important to Marion’s continued success as the development and expansion of quality client relationships. Our team’s combined experience has allowed Marion principals and managers to build and maintain such top-quality relationships. Marion has a selection process and a list of professional standards and qualifications unmatched in the industry. These high standards attract only the best to partner with us. And we are proud to work with the best.