Project: American University Sound Studio

Location: Washington, DC

This project involved the demolition of the basement level of an old classroom building into a set of four state of the art sound studios. Work involved isolating and soundproofing each room from the rest of the building and the adjacent studios. The studios ranged from small spaces which could be occupied by several individuals to spaces that could be occupied by an orchestra. Upon demolition, which included the existing slab, a new slab was poured to enhance the overall performance and sound isolation of the studios. The primary challenge was to get all the ductwork in the ceiling with the associated sound attenuation while maintaining the ability to erect walls and ceilings. Walls were constructed as multiple cavities with multiple layers of drywall installed in a staggered fashion to allow for the required sound isolation. Unique features of the project were the specialty acoustical doors and glazing, high end millwork finishes and special surface applied sound proofing materials.

Project Images